About Us

My family came to Canada in 1994 from South Africa and we lived in Coquitlam for two years before moving to Prince George. We really missed some of our beloved grocery products from South Africa so we started researching the web to find a store that could provide us with what we enjoyed eating. By surprise, we located a store in Langley, BC called Serengeti Trading.
For a long time we were purchasing our beloved products from our suppliers Pasquale and Ria Cozza at Serengeti Trading in Langley, and upon realizing they were offering a franchise opportunity I couldn’t resist moving forward and opening my own store.
I officially opened the first Serengeti Northern BC Grocery Store in May of 2012!
Since Opening, I have expanded our product lines to include groceries from all around the world to meet the needs of our international as well Canadian clientele looking for authentic grocery products.
If you don’t live near Prince George BC and wish to have products sent to you, you can order them either online, phone or email and I will conveniently ship products straight to your door.
I value my customers and I'm very happy to have the opportunity to be able to provide them with a more convenient method of acquiring their favorite South African and international products.  
I look forward to meeting you at my store, in the Community or online!
Toni Schell
Owner Operator,
Serengeti Northern BC